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At Genesis Healthcare Partners we exist to support, preserve, empower and enhance independent community-based physician practices. Our multi-specialty organization is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of urologic conditions, digestive health issues and many cancers. With integrated offices located throughout Southern California, we provide access to cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive treatments.

With 27 independent physician practices throughout San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area, we are one of the largest multi-specialty organization in Southern California. Genesis Healthcare Partners offers competitive compensation, generous paid time off allowances, and a well-rounded benefits package to provide you and your family.

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What our employees are saying

Below are some extracts from interviews featured in our monthly Employee Spotlights. One of the questions we asked was: "What is your favorite part about working at Genesis?" Here is what they said:

“The people here are really nice, easy to work with and always willing to help. Also, I really enjoy the work that I am doing.”

Colin Chu

Senior Medical Physicist for Radiation Oncology
“I like that Genesis stays current with latest trends in medicine. I love being part of such an amazing team.”

Renee Calabrese

Clinical Research & Compliance Specialist
“Working with awesome doctors and helping out the patient and making it easier for them. The staff here is great.”

Angela Medina

Office Coordinator at Hillcrest 4th Avenue
“My Genesis family, because we are a diverse, friendly team!”

Kim Fiskratti

Medical Collections Specialist at Corporate
“The team I work with. We take good care of each other.”

Monica Van Der Werf

Contracts Administrator at Admin
“Definitely my coworkers. They are like a second family. They make me smile.”

Fran Disser

Collections Specialist at Admin
“My coworkers are my friends, which makes work nice. I've also enjoyed making new friends with the other employees at admin & other offices.”

Denise Sapp

Medical Assistant at 4th Ave. in Hillcrest
“I know it's cliché & everyone says it, but it really is my coworkers. I also love being with a company you can grow with.”

Jackie Leavell

Medical Claims Payment Specialist at Admin
“I feel great satisfaction in knowing I made a difference in the lives of patients It's so nice being part of the team that makes it happen.”

Tahir Ijaz, MD

Radiation Oncologist
“The people I work with are wonderful & I like working for a company that is doing something good for the community.”

Kellie Golshan

Corporate Controller
“The comradery is great in this company. I'm really enjoying the team work at La Mesa. Everyone at Genesis is willing to help.”

Jose Luis Ruiz, PA

Physician Assistant at La Mesa
“The teamwork. I like how all the departments work together & leverage each others strengths.”

Don Counts

Accounting Manager at Admin
“There is never a dull moment...it's always exciting. I truly enjoy doing what I do. I get some really interesting cases that I work on. The people I work with are great too!”

Sophia Lopez

Medical Coding & Billing Specialist at Admin
“It's a completely different field than I've worked in. It's challenging & I learn new things. I love when patients leave feeling satisfied & well taken care of. I like being able to help someone out with something.”

Virginia Carrillo

Patient Care Coordinator at Coast La Jolla
“I love the technology and detail of CyberKnife. I like treating patients that would otherwise not be able to be treated. I enjoy working with the employees. Everyone is very professional, easy to work with and very good at what they do.”

Barbara Haas

Radiation Therapist at CyberKnife
“I really like working with the staff in my office. They are great to work with and make the day go by fast. I enjoy working with my partners too, they are good resources to have & provide a lot of support.”

Mark Pe, MD

Urologist at 4th Ave
“Everybody here is so awesome. I was self employed for years and it was nice to come somewhere where everyone is so welcoming.”

Shanda Vaiasuso

Medical Records Clerk at Admin
“I enjoy the work that I am doing and the people. I like being part of a company that mainly exists to cure and improve the quality of people's lives.”

Shireen Chinwala

Senior Accountant at Admin
“I love my doctors I work with and I can honestly say I enjoy the people I work with...we get along so well! I love the patients that come in, they are so good to us.”

Marysol Romero

Medical Assistant La Mesa
“It's a company that cares & I feel like the managers are very supportive of my work efforts & my growth within. Everyone here is very approachable.”

Jeremy Guerrero

HR Representative at Admin
“Everyone has been very welcoming, helpful, nice and even fun. I also enjoy knowing that I'm helping people who are dealing with health issues.”

Ana Urquidez

Collections Specialist at Admin
“I like the multidisciplinary vision that Genesis has. I take great pride in my field. I love working for a clinic rather than a hospital in general, and especially here at Upas where we offer a small town clinic feel AND offer the latest technology that our field has to offer anywhere in the country. I think we have a group of unique people here in Rad Onc. Our therapists show their patients they are not just a number but a human being with a name and a story. In the 20 Plus years I've worked in Radiation Oncology, I whole heartedly admit to this clinic having the best feeling I've felt as an employee. After being here for the short time I have been here, I pray this never is something I have to deal with but if I were to need to find a Radiation Oncologist for my family member, I would send them here absolutely. That says something, doesn't it?”

Ginny Takesuye

Medical Dosemitrist at Upas